Committee Declaration:


A Committee is to be formed to keep checks and balances of power for the betterment of GWG.The committee will consist of the gold of each house, the retired golds voted into eligible committee members, and myself. No committee member has more say then the other and in the event that the committee can not come to a unanimous decision the family in whole with be given 2 days to cast a vote and the tally of said vote will count as tie breaker.

The current committee shall consist of:

  • iiRun Tennessee
  • lfalalee
  • Konnjon
  • BroJoe GWG

To be eligible to join the committee as retired gold the following conditions must be met:

  • A 6 month term as gold must be completed
  • The committee must vote you eligible to join the committee
  • There must be another eligible retired member to keep the balance of votes.