Grunt Work Gaming Guidelines

    Without order, chaos thrives...

  • Have Fun: We created this community to have fun please sit back and enjoy your time with us.
  • Stay in Uniform: By this we mean that you must have your emblem on as long as you are with us. Continuous reminders could result in being banned from the community.
  • Do not take things personal: If you have an issue with someone address it with them. If that doesn't resolve the matter, involve a President or Gold Face
  • Respect: Respect is earned not given, Respect each gamer within the community, and Respect the chain of command.
  • Do not Betray: Betrayal will not be tolerated, if it persists it could result in being banned from the community.
  • Communication: WeChat is a free app on both Apple & Android this will be required to join GWG. Part of our Communication is having a mic, therefore a mic will be needed to join, communication is a big part of GWG.

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